Our product line will help you serve perfect dishes with their best cooking quality and save time with their ease of use. They provide long-time use with their durability and ability to be cleaned easily.



    Obtaining the utmost benefit from the use of top-quality materials,in terms of time , energy,water and space.


    Easy and ergonomic controls and perfect lighting in the cooking chamber enable all operations to be performed quickly and successfully.


    Dynamic distribution air circulation system with ¨inverter¨, revolutionary 6-blade fan with automatic reversal and ¨clima¨ ectraction system guaratee excellent results even with full oven loads.


    Ovens are latest-generation appliances of guaranteed ¨Made in Italy¨ and venetian style.Android operating system which excels for easy of use and for the ability to exploit ¨cloud¨ platforms simply and effectively offering high added value.


    Original design to promote the shapes and appearance of the equipment, so they present them selves as furnishing objects in the live kitchen.


    100% tested products and inspections made during incoming and throughout the assembly stages, following the strict criteria of ¨lean production¨, ensure high-performance equipments that are reliable over the years.


    A broad range of accessories to satisfy new cooking trends.


    Better value for good investment

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