Product Families

Your professional and powerful kitchen helper with high motor power and receptacle capacity for perfect results. While its easy and functional control panel provides ease of use, trustable blade structure ensures high performance on long pe..

Coffee Machines

We combine design, functional, and a long lasting taste of coffee. It provides ease of use with its programmable structure and long lasting ease of use with its durability and high performance. Forma is a concept: it can adapt itself..


Maximum performance with minimum consumption. With dishwashers, which are your biggest helpers in the kitchen, you can get best washing results while using less water, energy, and detergents. Get the best professional results with dishwashe..


Our product line will help you serve perfect dishes with their best cooking quality and save time with their ease of use. They provide long-time use with their durability and ability to be cleaned easily.   EFFICIENCYObtain..

Preparation Equipment

We offer you economic, ergonomic, and trustable products with our kitchen preparation equipments. Our NSF certified products offer you comfort in the kitchen with ther lower decibel, while providing high performance experience. The more ..


A new beggining in your kitchen with domestic capital! Best choice for your kitchen with its high insulated energy-saving and its ability to keep your food fresh for a long time in ideal environment. Our product will help you live the perf..


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